Welcome to My Musical Journey as a Game Music Composer

Create Soundtrack for Your Game

Looking to bring your game to life with a unique and captivating soundtrack? I specialize in creating immersive, original music tailored to fit the atmosphere and style of your game. Whether you need dynamic battle themes, serene environment tracks, or engaging character motifs, I offer customized solutions that resonate with players and enhance their gaming experience.

Book a Live Performance

Elevate your game launch, conference, or promotional event with a live performance. My services include solo performances, and everything in between, suited to your event’s scale and audience. Let me transform your event with live music that captures the essence of your game and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Collaborate Creatively

Are you a developer or another musician looking to collaborate on a game music project? I’m open to exploring collaborative opportunities to produce innovative soundscapes. I bring creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of gaming audiences to every project, ensuring a productive and harmonious collaboration.

Why Choose Me?

  • Expertise in Game Music: With years of experience and a portfolio spanning various game genres, I understand the nuances of creating impactful game music.
  • Customized Music Solutions: I tailor every piece of music to the specific needs and vision of your game, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your project.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Utilizing the latest in music production technology, I deliver high-quality soundtracks that are both modern and memorable.

Ready to Get Started?

For inquiries about composing custom music for your game, booking live performances, or discussing a potential collaboration, please contact me using the on social media: instagram, Twitter

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Belgium & Hong Kong

Music Producer based in Belgium. I make relaxing music such as Lo-Fi, Piano, Video Game Soundtrack.

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